Enrique Iglesias

I Will Survive

Letra I Will Survive - Enrique Iglesias

You like to think that you're 
The only one who understands my needs
And you tell everyone 
That I can't live without you 
Even for one day
But who gave you the right
To talk about the way I feel deep inside

1.Now I realize 
You were never mine
We were never right 
Baby you will find

CHORUS: I will survive 
I'm gonna make it through
Just give me time
I will get over you
I will survive 
No matter what you do
Just wait and see
I will get over you
Cause baby I will survive

What makes you think
I don't see the ways 
You made a fool of me
Don't laugh behind my back
Cause what goes around 
I promise you comes back

Repeat 1
Repeat Chorus