Letra Dreaming - Aurora

(Verse 1)

So you see right through me
am I really here
if I told You something
would you even care
would you even dare

So I expected this circumstance
I'm unconected
I couldn't take A chance


On another day
would it be this way
I asked myself

if I was dreaming
you'd see me
I'd be understood
but I'm just drowning
going under
wishing you say we could

but if you just walk on by
I'm only dreaming
I'm only dreaming

(Verse 2)

when I just don't wanna
lose the moment
leave the conversation
hanging in the air
oh, tell me do you care
I can walk on water
I just don't look down
I've got no intention
of turning around

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)

And what keeps on pulling me
is something I did not see
I'm falling so suddenly
and I ask myself
and I ask myself

(Repeat Chorus)