Mis Listas de Música
      1. Breathing Lightning Album For All Kings

      2. Madhouse Album Spreading the Disease

      3. Got the time Album Persistence of Time

      4. Antisocial Album State of Euphoria

      5. Caught in a mosh Album Among the Living

      6. Death From Above Album Fistful of Metal

      7. Anthrax Album Fistful of Metal

      8. Imitation Of Life Album Among the Living

      9. Indians Album Among the Living

      10. Medusa Album Spreading the Disease

      11. Superhero Album We've Come for You All

      12. Judas Priest Album Worship Music

      13. Drop The Ball Album Stomp 442

      14. Skeleton In The Closet Album Among the Living

      15. 13 Album State of Euphoria

      16. American Pompeii Album Stomp 442

      17. Be All, End All Album State of Euphoria

      18. Armed and dangerous Album Spreading the Disease

      19. Keep it in the family Album Persistence of Time

      20. In my world Album Persistence of Time

      21. Time Album Persistence of Time

      22. Lone Justice Album Spreading the Disease

      23. Now It's Dark Album State of Euphoria

      24. Worship Album Worship Music

      25. I'm Alive Album Worship Music

      26. Metal Thrashing Mad Album Fistful of Metal

      27. Burst Album Sound of White Noise

      28. Among The Living Album Among the Living

      29. Anthem Album Anthems

      30. Belly of the beast Album Persistence of Time

      31. Who cares wins Album State of Euphoria

      32. The enemy Album Spreading the Disease

      33. Gung-Ho Album Spreading the Disease

      34. Discharge Album Persistence of Time

      35. Finale Album State of Euphoria

      36. I am the law Album Among the Living

      37. Make me laugh Album State of Euphoria

      38. S.S.C./Stand or Fall Album Spreading the Disease

      39. The Constant Album Worship Music

      40. Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind Album State of Euphoria

      41. In A Zone Album Stomp 442

      42. The Devil You Know Album Worship Music

      43. Keep on Runnin' Album Anthems

      44. Fueled Album Stomp 442

      45. Black Dahlia Album We've Come for You All

      46. Earth On Hell Album Worship Music

      47. Cadillac Rock Box Album We've Come for You All

      48. Crawl Album Worship Music

      49. A.D.I./Horror of It All Album Among the Living

      50. Any Place But Here Album We've Come for You All

      51. Howling Furies Album Fistful of Metal

      52. One Man Stands Album Persistence of Time

      53. Perpetual Motion Album Stomp 442

      54. Revolution Screams Album Worship Music

      55. Think About An End Album We've Come for You All

      56. Smokin' Album Anthems

      57. C11 H17 N2 O2 S Na (Sodium Pentathol) Album Sound of White Noise

      58. Invisible Album Sound of White Noise

      59. Black Lodge Album Sound of White Noise

      60. Cowboy Song (bonus track) Album Sound of White Noise

      61. Subjugator Album Fistful of Metal

      62. Crawl Album Anthems

      63. Gridlock Album Persistence of Time

      64. Only Album Sound of White Noise

      65. Nobody Knows Anything Album We've Come for You All

      66. I'm Eighteen Album Fistful of Metal

      67. Efilnikufesin (NFL) Album Among the Living

      68. Room For One More Album Sound of White Noise

      69. Deathrider Album Fistful of Metal

      70. Blood Album Persistence of Time

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