Mis Listas de Música
      1. Seawinds Album Accept

      2. Balls to the wall Album Balls to the wall

      3. Stalingrad Album Stalingrad

      4. Fast as a shark Album Restless and Wild

      5. I'm a rebel Album I'm a rebel

      6. Princess of the dawn Album Restless and Wild

      7. I wanna be no hero Album I'm a rebel

      8. Save us Album Metal Masters

      9. Son of a bitch Album Breaker

      10. Get ready Album Restless and Wild

      11. No time to lose Album Metal Masters

      12. The Galley Album Stalingrad

      13. Do it Album I'm a rebel

      14. Hellfire Album Stalingrad

      15. Against The World Album Stalingrad

      16. Tired of me Album Accept

      17. Free me now Album Accept

      18. Mistreated Album Eat the Heat

      19. Drifting apart (Instrumental) Album Death Row

      20. Russian roulette Album Russian Roulette

      21. Lay it down Album Predator

      22. That´s Rock´n Roll Album Accept

      23. Just by my own Album Objection Overruled

      24. The king Album I'm a rebel

      25. Sounds of war Album Metal Masters

      26. Head over heels (live) Album Kaizoku-Ban

      27. Shadow Soldiers Album Stalingrad

      28. Take him in my heart Album Accept

      29. Bulletproof Album Objection Overruled

      30. Guardian of the night Album Balls to the wall

      31. Bad habits die hard Album Death Row

      32. Twist Of Fate Album Stalingrad

      33. Shake your heads Album Restless and Wild

      34. Dogs on leads (live) Album Staying in Life

      35. China lady Album I'm a rebel

      36. Flash To Bang Time Album Stalingrad

      37. Guns 'R' us Album Death Row

      38. Sodom And Gomorra (Live) Album The Final Chapter

      39. Neon nights Album Restless and Wild

      40. Another second to be Album Russian Roulette

      41. Living for tonight (live) Album Staying in Life

      42. Losers and winners Album Balls to the wall

      43. Glad to be alone Album Accept

      44. Fast as a shark (live) Album The Final Chapter

      45. Bad religion Album Death Row

      46. Breaker (live) Album The Final Chapter

      47. Slaves To Metal (Live) Album The Final Chapter

      48. Protectors of terror Album Objection Overruled

      49. Helldriver Album Metal Masters

      50. Princess of the dawn (live) Album The Final Chapter

      51. Screaming for a Love-Bite (live) Album Staying in Life

      52. Diggin' in the dirt Album Predator

      53. What Else Album Death Row

      54. Metal heart (live) Album Kaizoku-Ban

      55. Princess of the dawn (live) Album Staying in Life

      56. Street fighter Album Accept

      57. Outro (Bound To Fail) (Live) Album Staying in Life

      58. Midnight Mover Album Metal Heart

      59. Sounds of war Album Accept

      60. Love child Album Balls to the wall

      61. Breaking up again Album Breaker

      62. Son of a bitch (live) Album The Final Chapter

      63. Walking in the shadow Album Russian Roulette

      64. Dead on ! Album Death Row

      65. Head over heels (live) Album Staying in Life

      66. Love child (live) Album Staying in Life

      67. Glad to be alone Album Metal Masters

      68. Screaming for a Love-Bite Album Metal Heart

      69. China lady Album Metal Masters

      70. This One's For You Album Objection Overruled

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